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GrayMist Studios remains steadfast in our commitment to reaching out to our community—both locally and globally. With an eye toward inspiring local charity, arts and culture, we are always launching, attending or participating in community events. If you would like to receive notifications on our various activities, please sign up for our Newsletter, and we’ll be happy to add you to the list.
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Free Fabric Garland Workshop on Black Friday

Friday November 28
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Take a break from the Black Friday Holiday Shopping rush and relax while handcrafting holiday garlands. In this free workshop we’ll teach you how to make your own fabric garlands for the holiday season. Perfect for accenting your door frames, wrapping around a tree, or any other way you can imagine.

Suggested: Bring some fabrics you would like to work with (5-10 different large pieces that can be cut into strips between 1"x5" long). Examples of Fabrics: clothing that you want to repurpose, sheets, yards of fabric or ribbon from retail stores, etc. We will have some fabric at the store for you to work with, but it is much more interesting when the garland is made of fabrics important to/selected by you!

Enrollment: Open to 10 people. If there is space available walk-ins are welcome! (Please register online to ensure placement in this class.)

If you have any questions please contact GrayMist Studio and Shop at (617) 868-8868 or email us at

Thank you and look forward to seeing you there!

4th Annual Japan Film Festival

October 19th, 2014

Many members of the GrayMist staff are volunteering to help The Japan Research Exchange (JREX) in organizing and running the 4th Annual Boston Japan Film Festival! This year, the Japan Society will be holding the "Post-Disaster Civil Society"; a screening of three films that examine the effects and the lessons that can be learned from the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. The three screenings will all be followed by a open discussions with the directors. Since the disaster, many members of the GrayMist staff have been dedicated volunteers at Tewassa, an organization created to raise awareness and send support to victims of the earthquake.

Trisket Basket
Trisket Basket
Special Class: Learn to Make a Trisket Basket

1) 9/22(Mon) & 9/24(Wed), or
2) 9/30(Tue)& 10/1(Wed)

Time: 10:00am-12:00pm

Class fee: $115.00 (includes all materials and use of a basket mold)
Each class is limited to only 4 students!!

Make your own Nantucket Trisket Basket in just 2 days! Great for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, as well as for gifting. Each class is limited to only 4 students, so please reserve your spot as soon as possible!.

*This is a very special price for our Fall classes! Class fee is usually $164! Looking forward to seeing you!

Check the updated information on our online registration website:

Higashi Jazz Band at First Thursday

August 7th, 2014

We are hosting a special jazz performance at our store in Huron Village on August 7th! The Boston Higashi Jazz Band was formed in 1988, and provides students with autism the opportunity to master advanced instruments, work harmoniously in a group and to develop self-confidence and pride. We are very excited to host this wonderful event, which will take place during this month's Huron Village First Thursday. On the first Thursday of every month, from 6-8pm, the unique members of the Huron Village community host a gathering of fun, food, and friends out on the street. Come join us for an upcoming First Thursday

Daitokuji Nantucket Basket Exhibit in Kyoto

March 27-28, 2014

In March we hosted a Nantucket Basket and Island exhibit at the Daitokuji Zen Temple in Kyoto, Japan. With baskets from our master Nantucket Basket weavers displayed in the ancient, quiet aesthetic of a Japanese zen temple, the exhibit was a beautiful marrying of two very different cultures. We also set up an extensive exhibit on the history of Nantucket Island, generously donated by the Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum. Guests from all walks of life could view the baskets close-up and learn about the whaling history of the New England island. This was all capped off with a warm welcoming reception at the Hyatt Regency Kyoto, with food, fun and live music!